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Seasonal Trail Closing

Trails Closing for Season

The Club Trail system will close on October 10th just as the Lewis County Trail System does. If you have any questions about the open roads on the hill please contact Mike Gille at 480-272-5723, please leave a message if I do not answer and I will call you back or you could send email to .

Help needed for trail work

Trail work coming up

The club has to do trail work on two trails (Duppert Road trail Zimmer end & Kraeger Road (behind the Apple Orchard) seven (7) loads of stone was purchased. We need help (tractors with buckets) on the weekend of 7th and 8th of October or for any time before that if possible. We also need some help using shovels/rakes. Please call Mike Gille at 480-272-5723, please leave a message if I do not answer and I will call you back or you could send email to   

Any time you could give to the club for these trails would be gratefully appreciated


Attention ATV Riders

Recently the Molups Woodland Group (land behind the yellow gates) on Tug Hill had most of their gates stolen. If you see a pile of yellow pipes on the side of the road/trail or if you have a trail camera that may of caught the perpetrators please report it to Lewis County Sheriffs (315) 376-3511.  

Please be advised the West end of Duppert Road Trail closest to George Kraeger/Beecher Road intersection is closed for Hunting Season. The only legal way to get to the Tug Hill Hideaway is to follow the trail system on Kraeger road to Duppert Road make a left on Duppert Road to Zimmer take a right on Zimmer road and continue to the county trail before the intersection Zimmer Road and State Route 26.Cross 26 and continue  down Kessler road and turn right on Bower Road to the end make a right on Neff to State Route 26, go over state route 26 to George Kraeger Road utilize the trail on right of road and continue to the intersection of Beecher, make left and continue to the trail on the left to the trail that goes to the Tug Hill Hideaway

The Officers and Board of Directors would like to thank all of our members for joining the Club. The 2017 membership season had been a unique one. This is the first year we have had memberships sold on line from our web site and the Lewis County Trail Permit System. The advantage of using the internet has been a challenge at times, however we feel it is a necessary addition to our membership . At the current time the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce who administers the interned applications of Lewis County Trail Permits is behind in processing some applications. They are behind mostly becuase of the lack of information/incorrect information on  the application .Thus they have to make many calls or send out many emails to obtain the required info. Every-ones life today is very busy and with that in mind that info request takes a long time to happen,thus a back log of applications. The clubs are working with the Permit System to streamline the process for next season. Please look for up dates on our web page and newsletter.
Thank you 


Please start thinking about Club nominations for Officers and Board of Directors. Nominations take place at our September 9th meeting. Nominations will be for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and minimum of 3 Board of Directors(there is no limit on Board of Directors we hope to have at least 5). Elections will be held at our October Meeting at the Highmarket INN.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU goes out to Rita Heady (Secretary) and Lee Heady (Board Member).Both Rita & Lee have informed the Officers and Board of Directors that they will not be running for their positions in September. They will still be active with the club when time permits.

Our Family/Picnic Ride was a great success! We had over 50 people come to the event. The Ride was lead by Steve Demko(Thanks Steve). Steve took the group over to Brantingham to see the sights,they rode over 70 miles. The food was great and no one left hungry.

A special thanks to Dave & Susan Orff new owners of the Sportsman Club for allowing us to use their facility even though it is not open to the public.



The trail is a little different than before; you ride into the Village of Constableville from Crowfoot Hill Road and continue on the road (High & James Streets) to the intersection of State Route 26, STOP and proceed across 26 and turn left just a short distance from the intersection onto the private trail owned by The Alpine. STAY ON THIS MARKED TRAIL UNTIL YOU REACH THE TRAIL INTERSECTION AT OUR WOODEN BRIDGE. AT THAT POINT YOU CAN GO EITHER LEFT THRU THE ALPINE’S PARKING LOT OR RIGHT ON THE OLD TRAIL TO THE NICE N EASY.

Please do not cut across the Alpine’s lawn

Hazards we could face when doing Trail Clean-up

2017 NYS Senate Bills
Senator Ritchie has introduced two (2) bills this year for ATV Riders and Owners please contact your Senator and ask them to get on board with these bills. Please click on the links for each bill.



ATV riders love the natural beauty of the Tug Hill & Adirondack Regions. Yes; living in Lewis County does afford us the enjoyment of hunting, fishing, skiing, kayaking, biking, snowmobiling, birdwatching and ATV riding. We believe that the resources of Lewis County and the State of New York must be shared by all recreational groups. There is plenty of room for all!

There isn’t a single person in Lewis County that doesn’t know that Lewis County is one of the poorest counties in the state.  The employment opportunities in the county are far less that we have people to fill the jobs. Thus our children have to move out of the area to obtain employment. It is time for the State of New York to understand our area is not downtown Manhattan! This is a rural area, we live and play here because we love the outdoors and we need to capitalize on all our resources.  With the economic times that we have currently we must use all of our resources to keep revenues up. ATV riding is a cog in a wheel just like farming, logging, small businesses, large businesses and snowmobiling. All these groups bring jobs and income to our county.

Lewis County is one of the few counties that are trying to use the resources around us to develop a Legal ATV Trail System with the help of local ATV Clubs, Towns, landowners and businesses. These groups spend the time necessary to develop safe legal trails and connectors. The Lewis County ATV trail system and Highmarket Wheelers ATV Club trail system are connected and are based on New York States Vehicle and Traffic Law requirements. The county received an (Informal Opinion # 2005-21) that concluded “that the statute Vehicle and Traffic law 2405 does not preclude the designation of public highways for ATV use to provide necessary access by the general public to appropriate ATV trails and area on private land”.

By promoting the Trail System within Lewis County much needed revenue for Lewis County, Towns, and businesses is received. Every dollar generated helps keep County and Town taxes burdens down for taxpayers and keeps businesses open to provide for community needs.

New York State needs to understand that Global warming has changed our winters. They have not been as they were just 20 years ago. Many local businesses rely on the snow and when we do not have a great winter they look to the ATV season to help make up the lost revenue.

There have been many camps/homes erected in the past ten years because of the recreational opportunities this county has. These part time residents (ATV & Snowmobile riders) that have camps/homes enhance the community and tax rolls. These camp/home owners receive very little services in return.

In closing New York State needs to change the ways it looks at the Sport of ATV riding. In many areas in the state ATV riding creates Jobs, increases sales tax revenues because of sales of goods and services in the community. It also provides legal family recreation. Homes/camps are purchased by part time residents (ATV riders) that help maintain the housing tax base for communities.  

It is not ok for the State of New York to receive sale tax from purchase of ATV’s, mandate that most ATV’s be registered, treat ATVs as motor vehicles and not provide anything in return. The state should recognize ATV’s like they do snowmobiles and have a trail fund. Towns and counties within the state should be able to control who and what uses Town and County roads; especially the rural dirt roads where very little traffic is on them. And finally the state must understand that ATV Riders have as many rights as any other recreational sport enthusiasts do when it comes to using state lands that are owned by all state residents. 


Highmarket Wheelers ATV Club Inc.

NYS Assembly Atv Bills
Please contact you local Assembly person to encourage them to get these bills out of committee and passed.

     A01897Requires the commissioner of motor vehicles to conduct a study of the economic impact of ATV use within the state
  • A01951Relates to the definition of all terrain vehicle or "ATV"
  • A02273Provides that certified handicapped individuals may use ATVs on public land for transportation purposes only, during the hunting season
  • A02534Relates to the all terrain vehicle trial registration program
  • A03782Provides for an exemption requirement from registration for ATVs operated on lands owned by the owner or to which the owner has certain contractual rights
  • A08399Relates to the creation of an ATV trail fund
  • A10525Relates to the definition and use of all terrain vehicles
  • S02716Authorizes a governmental agency or municipality to designate a highway or portion of highway as open for travel by an ATV
  • S03076Provides for an exemption requirement from registration for ATVs operated on lands owned by the owner or to which the owner has certain contractual rights
  • S04208Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state fiscal plan relating to transportation, environmental conservation and economic development
  • S05821Relates to the creation of an ATV trail fund
  • S06791Relates to the creation of an ATV trail fund and the use of ATVs
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